In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Advocates for Visual Arts Education is developing a needs assessment for fulfilling our vision and mission in the immediate short term. Please contact us if you would like to assist us in these efforts.




Our Mission

To support and promote K-12 visual arts education in Gallatin Valley Schools.

Our Vision

All students in Gallatin Valley schools will have access to regularly scheduled visual art classes based on the national, state and local standards, taught by certified art specialists.


A sustained visual arts education teaches focus, perspective, self-directed and engaged learning, innovation, imagination, and critical thinking. It builds a student’s confidence and resilience through creative problem-solving. Art education connects students to community, history, and world cultures. 
We ensure our children’s success by giving them strong foundational classes rooted in the Montana Arts Standards, starting in Elementary School.


The human impulse to create visual art is universal. The Visual Arts have been a way to communicate beliefs and express ideas about the human experience throughout all stages of civilization and in every region of the world.


– A4Art: Advocates for Visual Arts Education Articles of Incorporation


Our goals are ambitious, but we hope to start spearheading the effort by increasing awareness.

Our Goals:

  • Develop sustainable relationships and collaborations with Gallatin Valley public schools, arts and community organizations, and national, state and local institutions
  • Support existing visual arts programs in the Gallatin Valley schools and assist in the development of additional visual arts programs in all K-12 schools, taught by certified visual arts specialists
  • Support quality “art-making” community events
  • Facilitate quality visual arts professional development for teachers in the Gallatin Valley. 
  • Advocate for the National and Montana Content Standards for the Visual Arts within the community
  • Compile grant and funding opportunities for visual arts programs and staffing 

By coming together, we can support art education in the Gallatin Valley.

By coming together we can start to identify and eliminate roadblocks that are preventing our schools from having consistent art education and offer creative solutions!

What can I do?


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